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Negotiating and drafting contracts for your business

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Business Law

A lot goes into making a business run successfully. Although work and dedication are necessary, business contracts are the fuel that keeps the business going. Whether your business handles major transactions or deals with local vendors, contracts are essential when ensuring everything goes smoothly and your rights are protected.

In Hawaii, businesses and investors rely on carefully negotiated and drafted contracts. Issues may arise in the negotiating process, or a dispute may occur after the contract was entered into. As such, you need to equip yourself with mechanisms to prevent, manage and resolve and business law matters that could arise from a contract.

Business contracts

At Harrison & Matsuoka, our law firm understands the importance of a solid contract. Even when you have a well-executed contract, there are still chances for issues and disputes to arise. Our skilled and experienced attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients with all phases of a contract.

Whether you require assistance negotiating the terms of a contract, creating the final draft of the contract, reviewing the contracts that come across your desk, enforcing current contracts or handling a breach of contract, our law firm knows everything contracts.

Types of contracts

Businesses in all industries require and interact with various types of contracts. This often includes employment contracts, noncompete agreements, confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, vendor contracts and financing agreements. And if you are in the business of real estate, you are likely to encounter residential and commercial leases and watertight leases.

Ensuring the contents and terms in your contract, lease or agreement are in your best interest is paramount when creating or entering into a contract. It is important you understand what rights you have at all phases. A legal professional can guide you through the negotiating and drafting process, and they can assist you with any enforcement action or breach of contract claim.