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A Strong Defense Against Computer Crimes

Gone are the days when you could be truly anonymous online. With today’s sophisticated forensic investigation tools, convictions for computer crimes have become increasingly common. State and federal law enforcement agencies are devoting resources to investigating and charging internet-related crimes.

If you find yourself facing any kind of computer-related charges in Hawaiʻi, you need a lawyer who understands this niche area of criminal defense law. You will find that high level of knowledgeable, determined advocacy at Harrison & Matsuoka. Our defense lawyer has spent more than 30 years defending clients against all kinds of criminal charges. He understands what it takes to build a strong defense against internet-related charges.

Internet Crimes We Handle

Based in O’ahu, we represent clients across Hawaiʻi facing charges such as:

Many of these charges are federal offenses, which means they require a high level of skill and in-depth knowledge of the federal system. Our lawyers have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the federal justice system in Hawaiʻi.

We Know How To Dig Deep Into The Technical Details To Deliver A Strong Defense

Computer crimes often turn on highly technical details that are difficult for the average jury member to wrap their head around. Our criminal defense lawyer is skilled at presenting complex information in a digestible, persuasive way, which is critical for casting doubt on the prosecution’s allegations. We also work with trusted forensic experts when needed to challenge the prosecution’s evidence.

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