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How can you defend against white-collar crime charges?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2024 | Criminal Defense

The ramifications of a white-collar crime conviction, such as one pertaining to fraud or embezzlement, can be devastating. If prosecutors have their way, your conviction will hit you with a lengthy prison sentence, financially devastating fines and restitution, and damage to your reputation that will be difficult to shake. While all of that can be frightening to think about, there are ways to thoughtfully defend yourself so that you can reduce the penalties you face or even beat the prosecution’s case.

Ways to defend yourself against a white collar-crime prosecution

Regardless of how strong the prosecution’s case may seem, there may be effective criminal defense strategies available to you. Here are some that you might want to implement in your white-collar crime case to drive toward resolution:

  • Illegal seizure of evidence, such as when incriminating evidence is obtained in violation of your Constitutional rights protecting your home, car, and business from unreasonable searches and seizures.
  • You lacked the requisite intent necessary to obtain a conviction under the plead statutory offense.
  • The statute of limitations has run.
  • You were coerced to commit the offense in question, such as when you’re threatened with physical or financial harm if you don’t act.
  • The prosecution’s inability to prove every element of the charge.

Use an assertive defense to find favorable resolution

Even with some defense strategies on your side, the evidence might be overwhelming. Still, by developing a strong defense argument, you give yourself leverage at the negotiating table. As a result, you might be able to negotiate lighter charges with less severe penalties. You might even be able to convince prosecutors to drop the charges.

You have a lot of options as far as how to approach your white-collar crime case. That’s why now is the time to get to work figuring out the best path forward for you, your family and your future.