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Honolulu Criminal And Injury Lawyers

The legal system can be intimidating. Scared or confused about their legal rights, people many times choose the only option they know about, in the process foregoing other perhaps better options and even causing themselves legal harm both now and in the future.

It does not have to be this way. For more than three decades, we have helped our clients defend their rights, whether they are facing criminal charges or if they have been wrongfully injured in a car accident or through medical malpractice. Speak with us at the law firm of Harrison & Matsuoka, Attorneys at Law. Let us help you determine what legal steps are in your best interests.

White Collar Criminal Defense In Honolulu, HI

Whether it's white collar crime defense, drug charges or a personal injury case, the lawyers of Harrison & Matsuoka have the experience needed to provide you with a comprehensive menu of legal options concerning your matter. Whatever the case, our priority is to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about what course of action you would like to take. We enable this informed legal decision-making by making you knowledgeable about the law that applies to your case.

We operate a lean legal practice that maximizes contact between the firm's attorneys and clients. It is our opinion that communication is a critical piece of a successful attorney-client relationship. In this way, we partner with our clients to provide them with the level of attention their cases require.

Drug Possession Lawyers Serving Hawaii

To speak with criminal and injury attorneys serving Honolulu, Oahu and other parts of Hawaii, call the law firm of Harrison & Matsuoka at 808-523-7041. We will schedule a completely free and entirely confidential initial consultation with you to provide you with an initial assessment of your matter. You can also contact us online to make your appointment.

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